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Here you can enter a search term in the syntax of MyCoRe query language (MCRQL) and put that way an even more complex query.
  • searchField operator targetValue
  • (searchField1 operator1 targetValue1) and (searchField2 operator2 targetValue2) ...
  • (searchField1 operator1 targetValue1) or (searchField2 operator2 targetValue2) ...
  • title contains Faktoren
  • (title contains Faktoren) and (year = 2006)

The following search fields are available:

search field:data type:description:operator
alltextsearch in all data fields=, contains, like, phrase
titletexttitle=, contains, like, phrase
host_titletexttitle of the host=, contains, like, phrase
personnamename (authors, editors or others)=, contains, like
person_autnameauthor=, contains, like
person_edtnamepublisher=, contains, like
person_thsnameadvisor of thesis paper=, contains, like
nid_orcidIDORCID=, contains *
nid_researcheridIDResearcherID=, contains *
nid_scopusIDID of person in SCOPUS=, contains *
nid_gndIDGND=, contains *
yearnumberyear=, <, >, <=, >=, contains *
pub_idIDpublication ID, combination pub_id + ID (e.g. pub_id_doi) finds publications with a certain type of ID=, contains *
host_idIDcombination host_id + ID (e.g. host_id_doi) finds publications with a certain type of ID in the host-entry=, contains *
id_issnIDISSN=, contains *
id_isbnIDISBN=, contains *
id_doiIDDOI=, contains *
id_urnIDURN=, contains *
id_scopusIDID of publication in SCOPUS=, contains *
id_duepublicoIDID of a linked DuEPublico 1 document=, contains *
id_duepublico2IDID of a linked DuEPublico 2 document=, contains *
journaltexttitle of the journal=, contains, like, phrase
seriestextname of the series=, contains, like, phrase
conferencetextconference=, contains, like, phrase
topictextsubject, topic=, contains, like, phrase
abstracttextabstract, summary=, contains, like, phrase
notetextcomment field=, contains, like, phrase
note.interntextcomment field=, contains, like, phrase
genreID type of the entry, e.g. article chapter book dissertation=, contains *
host_genreID type of the entry of the host, e.g. collection, journal=, contains *
subjectID subject, cf. attribute value in this list=, contains *
langID language code, e.g. en , de=, contains *
originIDfaculty / institution=, contains *
idtextID of the entry=, contains *
importIDimport-ID e.g. "2018-01-08 08:52:51"=, contains *
modifiedTimestampTimestamp of the last modification of the entry=, <, >, <=, >=