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The University Bibliography

The university bibliography documents the publication activities of the members of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena including the University Hospital Jena. It is operated by the Thuringian University and State Library Jena (ThULB).

As from 1st of June 2022 new publications will be listed in the university bibliography. The university bibliography is currently under constant development and current publications are processed preferably.

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Newest publications

  • Ritschel, Thomas; Aehnelt, Michaela; Totsche, Kai Uwe:
    Organic matter governs weathering rates and microstructure evolution during early pedogenesis
    In: Geoderma : an international journal of soil science, Vol. 429 (2023), Article 116269
  • Mazrouei, Safoura; Petry, Sebastian Friedrich; Sharifpanah, Fatemeh; Javanmard, Shaghayegh Haghjooy; Kelishadi, Roya; Schulze, P. Christian; Franz, Marcus; Jung, Christian:
    Pathophysiological correlation of arginase-1 in development of type 2 diabetes from obesity in adolescents
    In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects, Vol. 1867 (2023), No. 2, Article 130263
  • Zhu, Binbin; Sun, Ying:
    How Oversea University Students Use Mobile Devices to Support Their Foreign Language Learning and Their Learning Motivation
    19th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation, REV 2022
    In: Artificial Intelligence and Online Engineering : Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation / Michael E., Auer (Eds.). - International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation; Cairo; 2022.28.02.-02.03. - Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2022, pp. 383 - 394
  • Wolf, Sebastian; Popp, Jürgen; Frosch, Torsten:
    Multifocal hyperspectral Raman imaging setup for multi-well plates
    In: Sensors and actuators : international journal devoted to research and development of physical and chemical transducers, Vol. 375 (2023), Article 132949